For the Love of Food

Founder Chad Nelan wanted to combine old country and traditional cooking methods with innovative new flavors, and Elevation was born. Chad started his career as a butcher behind the counter at Tony’s Market, he has been making charcuterie in his home for more than a decade. He has been running Elevation Artisan Meats since its inception. 

The staff of Elevation Artisan Meats of Denver, Colorado, have a passion for the art of charcuterie and salumi. They continually strive to bring quality goods to their local food scene and beyond. Elevation Meats products can be enjoyed as-is – sliced and served on a charcuterie board, or they can be added to any dish that calls for salumi, such as pizza, or deli sandwiches. We’re continuously experimenting with different products and flavors!

Elevation has become known for its creative flavors that are changing the way you think about salami. Chad, and the staff of Elevation, continue to pride itself on sourcing the highest quality ingredients and staying ahead of best practices. By investing in the best, they can consistently deliver the best. Elevation continues to champion the “old” artisan way of creating their products while adhering to the stringent rules of the USDA – and the quality shows.

Elevation Artisan Meats is a 2018 Good Food Awards Winner for their Calabrese Salami

Stunning! A work of beauty and absolutely delicious!

Anthony B

Wow! Incredible! Haven’t tasted salami with that unique, delicious, ripe funkiness – one truly aged in the traditional style .- since my days in Italy. This may even rival those! Hands down the best I’ve had in this country. Hats off to you!

Jack C

Wow! Super nice sliced thin with tomato and olive oil, sliced baguette…

Lee D