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cured meats that are sliced and served as an appetizer in a meal

For the Love of Food

Elevation Meats products can be enjoyed as-is – sliced and served on a charcuterie board, and they can be added to any dish that calls for salumi, such as pizza, or deli sandwiches. We’re continuously experimenting with different products and flavors; please check our online shop for updates.


Salami Products

100% Berkshire pigs, high-quality ingredients and a taste you’ll love.

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Our meats are cured the old-fashioned way. After making the salami, it’s slow fermented for three days at cold temperatures, then aged for 30 days in our drying room. We cut no corners on quality or technique to bring only the best of our craft to Denver and beyond.

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Our whole muscle salumi are made with traditional flavors and 100% Berkshire pigs, raised humanly with no gestation crates, and no antibiotics. We flavor our product with high-quality ingredients including fresh herbs. We limit our production of our whole muscles so check back often for updated availability.

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Whole Muscle Products

Made from the finest ingredients – sourced with care.


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